Infants Converse

Infant Converse

This scaled down versions of the classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is great for kids that want to are ready for anything. Whether they want to rock a classic look at school, play at the park with their friends, these shoes will be ready to make sure they are comfortable and protected. Try the Infant Converse Top at our store if you are unsure on your kids size. These Converse first debuted in 1917 as an offering in the basketball shoe market. Known at the time for its on-court performance thanks to the basketball legend Chuck Taylor. Over time, this shoe became a classic and is worn by almost everyone around the world.

Our most popular styles are the High Top Optical White, as well as the Low Top Black White. Based on our experience with converse, we know that they typically run a half size larger than normal. That said, if your child is a size 2.5 in your other shoes, try a size 2 in converse before proceeding to order. Also, these shoes are known to be narrower compared to average shoes. The benefit of these shoes aside from their iconic look is the fact that they have flat soles. This is why they are very popular amongst gym users since the soles do not compress under high pressure.

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