3 Reasons You Need the Black High Top Converse

Black High Top Converse

What people don’t realize is the Black High Top Converse seen below is a shoe that can do more than just be your casual everyday shoe. Almost everyone owns or has owned the Black Converse Chuck Taylor high top or low top. It is the image that comes to mind when you think of a black and white shoe. Although its history dates to its glory days on the basketball court thanks to Chuck Taylor himself, it has grown to become almost everything but a shoe to hoop in. Below are the 3 reasons you should own the Black High Top Converse. Quick disclaimer, if you have extra wide feet, we do not personally recommend this shoe as it runs narrow. In addition, they also run a little bigger than normal because they are longer than normal. This isn’t the only reason people call them clown shoes.

1. It goes well with literally everything!

Let’s be honest, this shoe has it all figured out. You can rock it with pants when going out with friends on a Friday night, or wear it with shorts on a nice sunny day in the park.  Ladies are also a pro at dressing up or downs these Black High Top Converses. Whether it means putting them on with nice denim jeans, or with a nice spring ready skirt, these shoes are a no-brainer when it comes to matching it with the rest of your outfit.

2. It is great for the gym

These Converses not only have you covered when going to run your errands but are also a hero at the gym. When working out at the gym, you may ask yourself why the strongest guy is always wearing Converse Chuck Taylors. The answer is simple – flat soles. Now, you might think that the latest Nike free run or Adidas pure boost is the most comfortable shoe to take the gym, but that’s not the case when lifting weights. Heavy weight lifters need to make sure they are properly distributing their weight to the ground through their feet. Since other, more comfortable shoes, have softer soles, they tend to compress unevenly towards to heel. This can be extremely dangerous and bad for your feet when the weights get heavy. The next time you think about getting serious in the gym, consider bringing your Black High Top Converse.

3. The break in very easily

For those who are not patient with breaking in their shoes, these shoes are great! This is thanks in part to the canvas upper of the shoe. Sometimes it takes a single trip to the grocery store in these shoes to feel like they have shaped to your feet. Converse hasn’t needed to change the shape of the upper of the shoe because it conforms to how you wear your shoes. If you like to tie your shoes very tight, these shoes will wrap around your feet. And if you like some room, they will give you the breathing room you desire. Although it’s not a subway sandwich, you can really have these shoes “your way.”


Now if you have read through all these points you are either sold on joining the millions of rock stars out there who have figured out the bread and butter sneaker, or you need some more incentives to get these shoes on your feet. If you are in the first group congrats! For those in the second group and something a little more luxurious, or with a little more technology, or even with a little less weight, Converse has the Jack Purcell, and the Chuck II which are almost guaranteed to fit your specific needs.